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About me

Maja Bremec

Masseuse and therapist

Most of our lives we do what we have been taught and look for who we are. Rarely, however, are we aware that we cannot find this outside of ourselves. I too went the way of such a cognition according to which   i still walk today and i will be for life. In addition to coping with the many, maybe not your favorite menu truth, I also discovered some of your gifts that you want to use to help others and share knowledge and experience on

Packages for young moms

Call me or write to me and we will agree on the package that suits you best!

Regular working hours


7:30 - 15:30


Afternoon appointments by pre-order

Numbered Stones

Come for a massage and you will get a Gift for you and 4 of your friends!

Gift Wrapped

Ko dajemo, najbolj osrečimo sebe!


A woman having an aromatherapy massage

Classic massage

Relaxing and very effective. Already after the first treatment, the pain disappeared, but of course the next day was a suitable reaction, which disappeared with the next massage.


Opinions and feelings

After a few days , I feel reborn. I will have to repeat ...


I have severe spine problems. For a long time I have experienced such a massage, as all pain is eased.



00386 40 579 595    |

Hiša sprostitve KALi, Maja Bremec s.p.

Skladiščna ulica 14, 4270 Jesenice, SI

PE Radovljica: Kranjska cesta 2, 4240 Radovljica, SI

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