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My background

Touch says much more than a word. Touch is what we feel, while the word often loses that power in its path. Precisely because of this, it was the first word that came to my mind when I started creating the present website. This one was created for the purpose of getting to know me, to see for yourself if the touch is really stronger than the word.

I started massaging a few years ago when I met myself and since then there is no going back. The feeling I have when I massage and that when I look at a man after a massage massage is indescribable. So I decided to just give what I have. If it’s nice to me, it can also be nice to those who will be touched by my palm.

I massage TuiNa and Swedish massage, reflex foot massage according to the theory of the 5 elements and I perform Reiki therapies. Everything takes place in a pleasant atmosphere and the approach is tailored to each individual. Many times we wish that the people around us would be happy and that we could help them with this, but behind this lies the truth that we must first give all this love and care to ourselves. So do something for yourself, for your body, for your soul.


Let our lives be a dance ...


My approach

For me, massage is not just a technique, but a communication of two souls through touch. The massage technique is just a tool so I can give you what you need. What it is, however, is different for everyone. No one person is like another, so the approach is completely individual.

A short conversation is followed by a massage or therapy that suits you. Depending on your mental, emotional and physical condition, we discuss the approach that will be most appropriate for you and will also suit your lifestyle.

If the need or desire arises, I also offer individual counseling or conversation, which can often help solve physical problems, such as pain and illness.

Massage bed
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